منزل، بيت الإخبارية Manufacturer's detailed explanation - how much electricity does the air purifier need to open a day

Manufacturer's detailed explanation - how much electricity does the air purifier need to open a day

  • January 15, 2022

I believe that everyone is skeptical about this, how can an air purifier be an energy-saving product. Next, we use the calculation formula of electricity consumption to substitute into the F008 series of Hilo's most power-consuming air purifier. Let's witness how much electricity this machine needs to run for a day.

       The calculation formula of electric energy consumption: 1 degree=1KW.h=1000w.3600s, and the maximum power of the F008 air purifier is 18W, which is equivalent to 72 hours of continuous operation per one degree of electricity, and this maximum function is only displayed when all functions are open. When it comes out, we convert it and use up to 1.2 kWh of electricity for 3 days, which is about RMB 1.

       The development of Internet technology allows users to achieve one-click energy saving. Today's TVs automatically adjust the screen's brightness according to the environment, allowing users to experience more comfortable viewing and save energy. The sensor of the air conditioner can automatically adjust the temperature according to the change of indoor temperature, and the user can adjust the scientific running time of the air conditioner through the mobile phone, which can greatly reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner.

       Air purifiers can occupy a place in these home appliances. In fact, the principle is similar to the above-mentioned home appliances, because with the rise of technology, the current air purifiers also tend to be intelligent, and have WiFi intelligent control, which also contains Intelligent monitoring device. It can monitor the surrounding environment in real time and adjust the air volume by itself to maximize energy saving.

       However, good products also have a certain period of time. Although the air purifier does not clearly indicate how long it can be used, it is measured as a household appliance standard. Generally, it may need to be replaced after 10 years of use. Although its performance may be able to maintain clean indoor air, its power consumption may greatly increase, and the use of old home appliances is not environmentally friendly. improve the quality of life.

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