منزل، بيت الإخبارية Air purifiers bring those effects to our lives

Air purifiers bring those effects to our lives

  • January 20, 2022

What does an air purifier bring to our lives?

       1. Fresh kitchen, healthy cooking

       Usually, food is only for the stomach. However, for foodies, food carries joys, sorrows and sorrows. No matter if the mood is good or not, there is always a reason to eat with an open stomach. Some competent foodies even want to make them by themselves. However, you know that kitchen fumes are more dangerous than outdoor smog. When cooking food, PM2.5 can quickly soar to 8-20 times the normal level, reaching a serious pollution level. Experts believe that the incidence of lung cancer in people who have been cooking for 30 years is higher than that of people who have been cooking for 30 years. The average person is 10 times taller. The HEPA network in the air purifier is the nemesis of these pollutants. Go to 99% high efficiency filter effect. make these dust. The smoke is gone, making the usual odor-prone kitchen fresh and clean.

       2. The decoration is worry-free, and you can enjoy the breath.

       Spring is a big season for decoration. Many people think that the plan of the year lies in spring, and spring is the most suitable time to change the living environment. But renovations will more or less leave some pollutants behind. Among them, formaldehyde is the main one, and the harm of formaldehyde is huge, which is also the main element that the people who need decoration are worried about. The activated carbon net and photocatalyst net in the air purifier can quickly absorb pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene, and use adsorption and chemical reaction to make the pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene disappear. In order to create a comfortable indoor environment, it also solves the worries of spring decoration.

       3. Remove pollen hair, etc., and also a brand new spring for allergic people.

       Spring is beautiful for many people, because the air quality has risen and the surrounding environment has become pleasing to the eye. But for people with allergies, it can be said that life is like a year. Because spring is a pollen. Hair season, why do you say that? Because spring is a recovery season, although the flowers in the mountains and plains are beautiful, they also increase the content of pollen, and spring is also the season for pets at home to change their hair. These hairs are mixed in the air, and people with allergies will trigger some symptoms after absorbing them. The multi-layer filtration of the air purifier can quickly absorb and filter these pollutants, and the negative ion function released by the air purifier slowly improves the physique of allergic people, reducing the harm of allergic symptoms. So as to protect the health of the body.

       It can be said that there is no pollution in life all the time. We cannot ignore the harm of these pollutions because of their smallness, but the principle of accumulating less is more. So we still need an assistant - an air purifier

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